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Graveside Burial and Ceremony Services

At South Coast Family Funeral Services in Costa Mesa, CA we are a funeral home that provides high-quality and affordable graveside burial services with compassion to meet your family’s unique needs.

What is a graveside burial service?

A graveside service is a formal ceremony that takes place when the body is ready for burial. This could be a cemetery or private burial ground where the casket is buried in either a grave or an above-ground mausoleum.
If the deceased was cremated, the urn is placed in a cremation niche, cremation bench, or mausoleum. Cremated ashes can also be buried in a family plot or scattered in a cemetery scattering garden.

A graveside service usually takes place immediately after the funeral service, although it can be a stand-alone event. It may be an intimate ceremony only for family and close friends, open to all guests who attended the funeral service, or an event for the community.

Graveside ceremonies don’t usually feature many speeches or tributes. One or two individuals may say a few words and prayers, and the family typically lays a special wreath or memento on the casket. The casket/cremation urn isn’t always interred during the graveside ceremony – this final phase of the graveside ceremony might take place after the funeral attendees leave.

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Graveside Services in Costa Mesa, CA

At South Coast Family Funeral Services, we are a funeral home that provides high-quality graveside services that include:

Bring the deceased into our care

Refrigeration while in our care

File Death Certificate with State

File California Permit For Disposition

Dressing and Casketing of Deceased

Transportation to cemetery

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