How to Thoughtfully Memorialize A Beloved Family Member on Social Media

It is often a difficult time when one loses a beloved family member, but for many, social media can be an outlet to publicly share grief and honor the memory of that loved one. Below are tips from South Coast Family Funeral Services to help you properly and thoughtfully memorialize a loved one through social media:

Gather Your Thoughts

Take the time you need to grieve and remember your lost family member before posting anything on social media. It can be very overwhelming dealing with the emotions surrounding such a loss, so make sure you are in the right space emotionally before posting anything online. This will ensure that whatever you post accurately reflects how you truly feel.

Keep It Heartfelt

When expressing yourself online, make sure it comes from the heart. You want to be able to look back at your tribute fondly and remember your beloved family member with love. Express what your memories mean to you personally or why this particular person was significant in your life, as this will give more meaning and resonance for those reading it.

Sadness is an inevitable part of mourning someone whom we held dear. Don’t feel guilty if it surfaces during the memorialization process. It’s okay to express what you’re going through in words because others who read it may be encouraged by your bravery, while also feeling less alone, knowing they are not alone in their sadness either.

Include Personal Stories

Nothing speaks volumes about a person as their individual stories do. Think about special moments shared between you and the deceased. Whether happy or sad, use them as inspiration for your expression of remembrance on social media. Everyone shared different experiences with a person, so show what makes their story unique by including personal anecdotes in your tribute.

Include Photos

Pictures speak louder than words. Use pictures to tell the story of who this family member was beyond all else because remembering someone’s face helps keep their memory alive for longer periods of time after they have passed away. Through photos, we can take ourselves back in time to when we were together with our dearly departed relatives, even when they are physically gone from us now.

Invest in a More Lasting Memorial

A bronze memorial plaque can be a lasting symbol of remembrance. Bronze plaques honor those who have passed away from us too soon — something that will never disappear over time. Consider creating something physical that won’t only last forever but will help immortalize their legacy and will remain meaningful long after they’ve gone.

Find Ways to Cope With Grief

Remember that no two people cope in the same way. Take some time to pour your heart and your sentiments into remembering your deceased loved one. Doing so allows you to express yourself while allowing some of the pain you’re feeling to lessen. If writing isn’t exactly your strong suit, there are also other coping methods, such as joining a support group, looking into counseling or therapy, or simply talking through it with a close friend or relative. Do whatever feels right for you.

By following the tips above and taking your time to gather your thoughts, you can write a heartfelt expression of feeling that will comfort yourself and others during this difficult time. Don’t be afraid to express your sadness, and be sure to include personal stories and memories. You may also want to consider raising money for a bronze memorial plaque. And finally, remember that it’s okay to seek help from a therapist or counselor if you’re struggling to cope with stress.