In this article, we highlight the most frequently asked questions when it comes to funeral services.

Is It Possible to Plan a Funeral in Advance?

It is possible to plan a funeral in advance, and quite beneficial to do so for a few reasons. Planning ahead will take this burden off of your loved ones in the future. It will also allow you to choose what your memorial service will include, while also cutting some of the costs.

How Much Does a Funeral Cost?

The costs associated with funeral planning in California depend on the services requested. Your funeral director can supply you with a general price list to give you an idea of what various services will cost. Costs generally vary depending on whether you embalm or cremate, the type of burial container needed and the type of memorial service selected. Transportation and use of the funeral home facility will factor into the final cost. Your funeral director will be able to navigate you through the funeral planning process with your financial concerns in mind.

What Do Funeral Directors Do?

In addition to helping you make funeral planning decisions, funeral directors handle all the logistics following a death. This will include filling out necessary legal paperwork and preparing the obituary. The funeral director will also organize and execute the memorial service according to the family’s wishes and religious customs. They will embalm, dress and prepare the body within the casket or prepare the urn for viewing. They will also arrange for transportation of the body from the funeral home to the burial site. This person will also be up-to-date on any laws or procedures surrounding funeral planning in California.

Is Embalming Required by Law?

Embalming is not required by law in California. However, embalming helps to preserve the physical appearance of a body. Selecting this procedure is a good idea for open-casket memorial services. The alternative to embalming is to slow the decomposing process down through refrigeration.