Whether you are helping to plan a funeral for a friend or loved one, choosing the right funeral home that you think would be most comfortable for everyone involved in the funeral service and all those that were part of the life of the one who has passed is an essential step in the funeral planning process. There are many funeral homes to choose from almost no matter where you live, so we’ll be providing some tips on how to find the right funeral home for your loved ones.


Tips on finding the right funeral home

  • Be aware of the individual needs and desires of the funeral and make a list of your non-negotiables
  • Do your research and only consider the funeral homes that have a great reputation (online and/or word-of-mouth)
  • If you go to visit some of the funeral homes you’ve researched, be sure to pick one that has a compassionate staff
  • The funeral home should be committed to their customers and their comfort during hard times, such as when losing a loved one
  • They should offer a good location, as well as facility, and their services should align with your list of non-negotiables for the funeral
  • The staff should be somewhat flexible and be able to create a unique experience for the funeral service you plan with them
  • The funeral home should be more than willing to accommodate your family’s religion and/or cultural practices
  • Prices and related services should be clearly laid out for you to analyze (including a list of prices for all of the funeral home’s services with disclosures mentioned such as extra charges and consumer rights)
  • The funeral home should offer you and your family resources for dealing with the grief of losing a loved one
  • They should use modern technology such as webcasting, memorial videos, or even online planning
  • A good funeral home will be engaged with their community because they care

Picking the right funeral home is a large and important step in planning the rest of a funeral, so take your time when doing your research so that you can feel confident and comfortable with the choice you end up making. As you can now see, there are many ways you can do research before deciding on which one is best for your family, friends, and loved ones. If you have any further questions, please contact us today!