When you experience the loss of a loved one, we know there is no greater heartbreak, so we at South Coast Family Funeral Services provide affordable (starting at $895) and high-quality cremation services with the highest level of empathy and compassion to meet your family’s needs.

We also offer pre-planning services, graveside ceremonies, traditional funerals, and the sale of caskets and urns.


Direct cremation services

Direct cremation is when the body is immediately cremated after death. There is no funeral. This is usually the most affordable option. The steps taken with this service include:

  • Transport from the place of death to the crematory
  • Finalize the death certificate
  • Cremation
  • The ashes are given back to the family

Full-service cremation services

Full-service cremation is when the body is not immediately cremated after death, rather it is transported to the funeral or memorial service first.

With this service, we can help with:

  • the selection of a casket, urn, cemetery and flower arrangements
  • the funeral home can carry out a green burial, natural burial, embalming, plan burial visits, plan a memorial, and the use a hearse
  • the choice between cremation urns (urns for human ashes) and keepsake urns (holds a smaller amount of the ashes)


How do I plan a funeral?

What is the average cost of a funeral?

How much does cremation cost?

What are some ideas for planning a memorial service?

How do I know which mortuary to choose?

These are many of the questions we get asked frequently, but many of the answers to these questions depend on casket prices, the cremation or burial services you end up choosing, and the county you live in. We also collaborate with 15 different cemeteries in the Orange Country and Los Angeles area to make your family’s burial ceremony as easy as possible.

We would be happy to answer as many questions as you have if you fill out our contact form. We want to make the process of grieving your loved one as smooth as possible. We thank you and your family for putting the trust in us to honor the passing of your loved one(s).


We also offer support services like counseling for our clients struggling with overcoming the grief associated with the death of a loved one. We know times can get tough when grieving, so we’ll be here for you and your family even after the services for your burial or cremation have been completed.