Religious funerals and non-religious funerals are important to be mindful of. No two funerals are alike, just as no two people are alike. While many components of funerals are common, they can vary widely among nations and religions. A funeral is a deeply personal occasion that commemorates a person’s life. The deceased’s desires, as well as any family preferences, must be respected.


So, how do you choose the right type of funeral for you or your loved one(s)? The manner in which you (or a loved one) lived or died is a good indicator of the style of the funeral that would best honor that life.


Traditional Religious Funerals


The family frequently welcomes visitors prior to this service. A viewing of the body in the casket may also be included in a visitation (except for Jewish funerals). A religious leader leads the funeral service, which may include prayers, music and hymns, and eulogies. Flowers are a traditional décor that represents sympathy, love, and respect.


If you are religious or spiritual, or if you value tradition, a traditional religious funeral is most likely your best option.

Non-Religious Humanist Ceremonies


The primary distinction between a religious service and a humanist service is that the latter makes no mention of God or religion. Humanist funerals are both a dignified send-off for the departed and a celebration of life. The tribute part, which includes tributes from family and friends and can even be written in advance by the celebrant, is the focal point of a humanist funeral. The service may also include a moment of silence to allow attendees to reflect on the celebrant’s life.


A humanist service is an option for individuals who prefer something unrelated to established religion. It is also a suitable option for people whose family members practice different religions, as the ceremony can make no religious references and can surely be spiritual without being religious. A humanist service is advised for someone who is comfortable having private recollections of his or her life recounted throughout the service because it is very personal.


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