Upholding proper etiquette is extremely important in funerals. In this piece, we are going to talk about a few important considerations when it comes to following funeral etiquette. 


Your Guide To Proper Funeral Etiquette


1. When it’s Necessary To Attend a Funeral


Should you go to a funeral? Well, if you are a family member of the deceased then it’s a time to pay your respects and remember their life. If you are a friend or close to the family of the deceased, you can still go to the funeral, in which case, you are there to show support to the family. Note that you should not go to a funeral if it can affect the family negatively, regardless of your relationship with the deceased. 


2. What You Should Say at a Funeral


Condolences should be from the heart and true. The length of what you say doesn’t matter. The contents of what you say and your conviction are the only two things that do. Be mindful of what your words will mean for the family. If you know the family, you should be in a better spot to do that. If you’re lost, then just saying “My thoughts are with you” is sufficient in most cases. Support and care are the keywords – support the family and show that you cared for the deceased. 


3. How You Should Dress at a Funeral


Stay away from bright colors. Appear respectful, conservative, and dignified. Black is usually the goto, but not a requirement. Also, if you are wearing a hat, make sure you remove it during the service. 


4. Where You Should Sit at a Funeral


The first two rows of chairs in the funeral service are for close family and friends. Make sure you remain seated for the entirety of the service. Also, if you arrive late then be as least of a distraction as possible by sitting in the very back. In a graveside service, note that the lined-up chairs are meant for close kin and family only. If you don’t fall in that category then stand behind the chairs to let family members sit. It’s generally a good idea to avoid sitting if you’re not a part of the close family even if there are a few empty chairs. 


5. Other things to keep in mind 


Let’s conclude with a few equally important but short considerations to always keep in the back of your mind. • Arrive 10-15 minutes earlier at a funeral. • You’re not obliged to take part in any religious rituals if you don’t subscribe to them, just being there and standing while the ceremonies happen is sufficient. • A bouquet is a perfect gift for a funeral. • Keep toddlers and babies back home. Children, who are close to the deceased, can be brought to the funeral.