Music is frequently seen as an important component of a funeral service’s order of service. These days, the music played during the service is chosen to reflect the characteristics of the deceased person. Religious organ music, chart songs, classic rock, and even tongue-in-cheek choices with a hint of humor are among the options.



Your funeral director can assist you in booking an organist, choir, or recorded music for your funeral playlist. Some people may want to have a singer, harpist, bagpiper, or other professional musician perform at the funeral, or arrange for a singer, harpist, bagpiper, or other professional musician to perform during the service or reception.



If the funeral is held in a church or other place of worship, the music that can be performed may be limited. This may or may not be the case, depending on how rigid that particular religious branch is. Most music is OK as long as the lyrics are neither anti-religious or insulting.



When the coffin is carried into the place for the service, a piece of music is usually played, and when the coffin is taken out, a different piece of music is usually played. During the service, songs or hymns may be performed, with attendees urged to sing along.