Getting the right funeral flower arrangements can be difficult. Finding suitable flowers for the occasion without it overwhelming the rest of the presentation is a perfect medium. There are a few things to consider when selecting funeral flowers.

When selecting funeral arrangements, it’s important to think about the size and scale of the flower display. Larger pieces for a more prominent place within the room or event can be used to provide an anchor for the area, while smaller bouquets that bring in color can be used to fill in the space. This can create a balanced and appropriate look.

The colors chosen will also be important in creating the right atmosphere for the occasion. While bright, cheerful colors may seem out of place at a funeral, subdued shades, such as pastels or muted tones, are usually more appropriate, since they often represent tribute and sympathy.

Finally, the types of flowers used should be thoughtful and appropriate to the deceased person’s life. Popular choices include roses, carnations, lilies, and chrysanthemums. However, choosing a flower that was special to the deceased person can help to honor them in a meaningful way. For instance, if your loved one was a gardener, you might choose to include flowers that they used to cultivate in their own garden.

Favorite arrangements begin with the loved one’s favorites


The arrangement should begin with the favored flower of the loved one. This will give it a personal touch from them that allows for the ceremony to be beautiful and unique to them. Then, from there you can pair flowers that are in a similar color palette. Remember: don’t overwhelm the primary flower.


For example, if tulips were the favorite flower of the loved one, they should be the most overly present flower in the arrangement. If other colors cast a shadow over the primary, it depreciates the value of that flower in the arrangement.


Again, all this goes into a presentation for the ceremony. This can be impacted by the guest list and who will be involved with the ceremony, but remember to prioritize the loved one’s wishes.


How should the flower arrangements be presented?


It can be presented as a part of the ceremony in a limited or major role. Whichever the case, you should plan this portion most judiciously. Also, this will depend on the color palette chosen. Most often, darker-colored flowers are more easily worked into the ceremony at a higher volume. Lighter colors need to be more subtly involved in most instances. To enjoy them both most easily, try getting a bit of both. With both involved, then it’ll be easier to not overwhelm the ceremony’s presentation.


Overall, planning a funeral for a loved one is a strenuous process. Luckily, you aren’t alone. Give us a call today to get started on planning your flower arrangements. We’ll work through all the processes together, ensuring the flowers you choose and the ceremony itself is exactly to your specifications.